Book Clubs




Eat What You Kill

by Ted Scofield


1.  Let’s start with the title. What does “eat what you kill” mean, as it relates to the book? Do you believe an “eat what you kill” mentality is beneficial for an individual? Is it positive for society in general?


2.  A reviewer for Booklist said “Stoess is a sympathetic character despite his murderous ways.” Do you agree? Did you sympathize with Evan? Did you find yourself rooting for him? Why or why not?


3.  Evan describes himself as a “disciple” of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism. What does he mean by this? How does objectivism influence his thoughts and actions?<


4.  The ability to sell stocks short: A good thing or bad thing? Why?


5.  Why is Evan attracted to Albert Camus? What aspects of Camus’s philosophy and life appeal to Evan, and why?


6.  Do violent video games “breed evil”? Do you think video game players are more likely to engage in criminal or antisocial behavior? If so, what should we, as a society, do about it? Should our government label or ban violent video games?


7.  What roles do pop culture and literature play in the book? Why do you think Evan so often quotes movies, books and television shows?


8.  Eat What You Kill has been described as American Psycho meets “Wall Street.” Do you agree with this description? Is Evan more Patrick Bateman, or Bud Fox?


9.  Were you surprised by the revelation in the final chapter about the relationship between Evan and another character? If not, when did you figure it out?


10.  What is next for Evan Stoess? And who should play him in the movie?


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